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 301 Redirect Plug-in for WordPress

Redirect 301 plug-in for WordPress

 Brute Force Attacks

Large WordPress Brute Force Attack There has been a recent large scale WordPress wp-login.php...

 Change URL in a WordPress site database

Changing the URL directly in the database If you know how to access phpMyAdmin on your host,...

 Configuration.php - Which database? How to replace keys for added security.

This is an excellent article that explains the ins and outs of the important configuration.php...

 Convert HMTL website to WordPress

This article explains how to convert a HMTL site to WordPress

 Easy Website Setup: WordPress Step-by-Step Guide

WordPress Step-by-Step: Easy Guide to Setting up a Website   Choose the design theme....

 Error establishing Database Connection

While the "Error Establishing a Database Connection" is a fairly common error, troubleshooting it...

 How to fix a HACKED WordPress site

 Increase max_upload_size in WordPress

Increasing the upload_max_filesize in WordPress The default upload file size for WordPress...

 Internal Server Error Fixes - WordPress

1.  Internal Server Error can sometime be caused by a corrupt .htaccess file.  If this...

 Maintenance mode

Setting your WordPress site to maintenance mode

 Permalinks do not work - How to fix

Sometimes after a WordPress migration to a different host server is performed, the Permalinks...

 Plugins - How to De-activate WordPress plug-ins using FTP

Deactivate All Plugins Using FTP In this method, you will need to either use FTP, or your...

 Resetting your password

Resetting your password in WordPress can be accomplished by following these step-by-steps for...

 Restoring your database from backup

WordPress database can be restored from backup by following these step-by-step instructions for...

 Search and Replace - WordPress database tool

WordPress database Search and Replace plugin

 Themes for WordPress

There are literally thousands of themes. 1)  Once you login to WordPress, click "Appearance"...

 Update URLs

Velvet Blues WordPress Plugin

 Using FTP and phpMyAdmin to export WordPress data

Here are the steps:Exporting your WordPress files:1.  Connect to your previous host account...

 Using phpMyAdmin to Export your WordPress database

Export WordPress database using phpMyAdmin

 Viewing your WordPress site before DNS resolves

This is a great article that details step-by-step how to view a WordPress site before DNS resolves.

 WordPress Export Tool

This is a link to a very easy to complete way that you can export your WordPress sites...

 WordPress Import Tool

This is a link to a very easy to complete way that you can export your WordPress sites...

 WordPress Security

10 recommended steps to lock down and secure WordPress 1. Use a strong password Minimum...

 WordPress Security Steps

Follow these ten steps to secure your WordPress blog.

 WordPress permissions

The correct permissions for a WordPress site are 755 (folders) and 644 (files).  777 is to...