Publishing to your account with Mac

How to publish to a server from iWeb using iWeb’s integrated FTP

In iWeb select the site you would like to publish from the left menu

and you will see the following window:


Publish to: Choose “FTP Server”

Site name:

Contact email: (if you want, I don’t)

Server address: usually it is (where stands for the domain you choose when you signup, note the ftp. in front of it)

User name: the one you choose when you signup

Password: the one you choose when you signup

Directory/Path: that’s a little tricky. For most servers it is just a simple /public_html/

Protocol: FTP

Website URL: type in your URL as on the image above.

Click “Publish Site” at the bottom left or go to File and choose “Publish Site Changes” or “Publish Entire Site”.

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