Hacked Joomla site? How to fix and prevent from reoccurring

If your Joomla site has been hacked, then we recommend you follow the steps on this page to not...

 Help! My site has been hacked.

This is the best tool on the Internet for hacked Joomla sites.

 How secure is your Joomla website?

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 How to disable JSecure so you can login to your Administrator

Use phpMyAdmin and go to jos_modules and set the value in JSecure - published to 0. It will be 1...

 How to hide the Joomla administrator

By default, Joomla backend login URL is It’s easy to...

 Identify a hack - How did the bad guy get in?

Download your Apache access log files to your local PC. It's not necessary to download the whole...

 Vulnerable Extensions List