Migrating to a new Content Management System and Google Rankings

People who have worked hard to achieve solid rankings in Google can become concerned when they consider transitioning their site to a newer technology, such as WordPress.

We completely understand his concern.  But as long as you use the same meta tags on each and every page, as well as the exact same text and images as you had before, your rankings will not decline. 

On the contrary, they will actually improve because you are moving the site to a more modern platform.  See, WordPress (especially each new version they release) has cleaner source code, therefore, it makes it easier and quicker for Googlebot to crawl the pages.  This results in better rankings.  If you have an outdated website with "messy" code, Googlebot will visit your site, attempt to crawl, then leave because of the messy code.  This results in your page not being included in Google's index, which is bad for business.

This is the beauty of cascading style sheets.  All the formating is stored on the server and not on the page itself.

For example, look at this little piece of code.

<span style="font-size: 22px; color: #ffffff; margin-left: 10px;">Professional Services</span>  --- This is messy code because the formatting is included in the page.

<div class="prettytext">Professional Services</div>  --- This is clean code that uses cascading style sheets, meaning the formatting is stored elsewhere and not on the page that Google is crawling.

Also, be sure that the page URLs are the same as they were previously and your site migration will most likely result in higher Google rankings and more visitors.
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