Create a web site with Joomla


How do I create my website with Joomla?

Choose a template for your website.

Joomla is an easy-to-use website creation program and there are many free Joomla templates and professional Joomla templates on the Internet (these are external links that open in a new window).

How do I install a template with Joomla?

Step 1.

Joomla templates come as a zipped file that you will download to your computer. Here's how you upload the template to Joomla version 1.5:

  • In your Joomla Administrator panel, click "Extensions"
  • Next, click "Install/Uninstall". (Screenshot below)


Step 1 - Joomla template install

Step 2.

  • Click on the "Browse" button.
  • Next, browse to the appropriate folder that was unzipped from the template package you downloaded.
  • Select the template .zip file. (Screenshot below)


Step 2 - Joomla template install


Step 3.

  • Click on the "Upload file & Install." The template should take a few seconds to upload.
  • After the upload and install is complete, you should see an "Install Template" message. (Screenshot below)


Step 3 - Joomla template install


Step 4.

Next, go to the Template Manager to see your new template.

  • Navigate to "Extensions" then to "Template Manager". (Screenshot below)


Step 4 - Joomla template install


Step 5.

  • Select the radio button next to your template.
  • Click on the "Default" button in the top right area of the manager. When you set the default template, you should see a star in the "Default" column for the template. (Screenshot below)


Step 5 - Joomla template install

Where can I find Joomla documentation?

Please visit the Joomla site for the official Joomla documentation (external link, opens in new window).

Where can I find a beginners guide to using Joomla?

Please visit this link on the Joomla site for the official beginner's guide to using Joomla (external link, opens in new window).

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