Disable Joomla Plugins without access to Joomla administrator

 Disable Via Joomla's Files

Disable joomla Plugins

It is also possible to disable a plugin via the files. Login to your file manager and access the root of your Joomla files. You should find a folder called /plugins/

Disable Joomla plugin

The next step is the trickiest - the plugins are divided into different folders. If you don't know Joomla well it might take a little searching. However, if your plugin is causing real problems on your site it's highly likely to be in one of these three folders:

  • /authentication/
  • /content/
  • /system/
Disable joomla plugin

Each plugin has at least two files: pluginname.php and pluginame.xml. Most will just have those two files, some will have a few more.

However, to disable the plugin all you need to do is remove or rename the PHP. If I wanted to disable the Joomla plugin, I could rename joomla.php to joomla.php-off:

Disable joomla plugin
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