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The billing system automatically generates invoices for products and services that are due in advance of the due date.

To pay an invoice,
1) Login to your Client Account by clicking the "login" link at the top of our web page.
2) Scroll over "Billing" > "My Invoices"
3) Choose the invoice you wish to pay and click "View Invoice"
4)  From there, you can select the payment method on the very top right-hand section of the invoice by choosing either PayPal or Credit Cart.  Each invoice will use the gateway the client chose upon signup.

The billing system will automatically group products & services, add-ons and domains due on the same date, with the same payment method onto a single invoice. This means you, the customer, only needs to make one transaction making it easier for you.


The billing system will only attempt to bill a client once.  If the payment fails, then the system will notify you by email and ask you to input a new payment method.  This means that the billing system only attempts to capture payment for an invoice once and if it fails, will send an email to you notifying you and not attempt it again until the you log into your Client Account and enter new credit card details or PayPal details.

If you have multiple invoices to pay, you can do this yourself for invoices due on different dates using the "Billing" > "Mass Pay" feature from the client area.
The best way to keep track of your invoices, support tickets, domain names and active web hosting services  is to login to your Client Account.  Please click "Login" at the top of our web page and login using the email address that you used when you first established an account with our company.  Also, there is a "Request a Password Reset" if you have forgotten your login credentials.

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